Monday, June 29, 2009

Telerik Reporting Issues when Publishing

I got to face two issues when publishing my Telerik Reporting Project:

1. I received a "The folder '/' is marked executable" error message when I tried to publish the project and upload the dlls into the bin sub directory of my project.


2. Once the first issue was solved and each time I tried to see a page in my project, I receipt a configuration error saying that the site was not able to find:

However, I was able to run my project without any error in a local mode (my local machine). It was only at the moment of publishing the project (in a remote server) that I got that error, so I compared what I have in my local GAC with what I have in the remote server GAC and of course there were some differences. Regarding the Telerik Reporting think, there were not in the remote server, so I made them similar and it worked.

To register dlls in the GAC:

Normally the GAC is located in:

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